Alexander I King of Macedonia from c. 498 BC to 454 BC.
Alexander I was the ruler of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon from c. 498 BC until his death in 454 BC.

Alexander I came to the throne during the era of the kingdom's vassalage at the hand of Achaemenid Persia, dating back to the time of his father, Amyntas I, although Macedon retained a broad scope of autonomy. He is, however, referred to as hyparchos by Herodotus, meaning subordinate governor.

Alexander claimed descent from Argive Greeks and Heracles, although Macedon was considered a "barbaric" state by some in Athens, whose territories were threatened by its expansion. After a court of Elean hellanodikai determined his claim to be true, he was permitted to participate in the Olympic Games.¨

He eventually regained Macedonian independence after the end of the Persian Wars.
Alexander I
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