A. Plautius Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 55 BC to 55 BC.
A. Plautius was Aedilis Curulis in 55 BC and struck coins in that respect, alongside his colleague for the year, Cn. Plancius. He served as Tribunis Plebis in 56 BC, and Praetor in 51 BC.

Gens Plautia was a plebeian gens that probably came from Privernum. The first member of the gens Plautia to reach consular rank was Gaius Plautius Proculus, who became consul in 358 BCE and was magister equitum to the first plebeian dictator Gaius Marcius Rutilus.

The principal name used by the Gens Plautia in the times of the Roman Republic was Gaius. Marcus was the primary name in the Silvanus branch, while Aulus was the primary name in the Lateranus branch, who both flourished during the early Imperial period.
A. Plautius
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