Herdonia — A settlement in Apulia also known as Herdoniae - Ardaneae
Herdonia was a town founded by the Daunii where Hannibal fought a major battle against the Roman Army.

It passed over to the Romans, with the rest of Apulia, after the wars of the Greek-Messapian League, commanded by King Pirro of Epiro (280-275 BC). Herdonia was a protagonist during the Second Punic War (219-202 BC) and in particular, during the events linked to the war's most famous battle at Cannae on 2 August 216 BC. According to the Roman historian Livy, after the Battle of Cannae the City passed to Hannibal, but then was soon recovered by the Romans, in 214 BC; it was taken once more by the Carthaginian General Hannibal who demolished it completely and saw its population transferred to Metaponto and Turi.

The ruins of Herdonia were discovered after the Second World War, and remain only partially excavated; they are a short drive from the present-day town.

Modern location: Ordona, Italy
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