Durocortorum — A settlement in Belgica also known as Reims
Durocortorum was the capital of the Remi tribe and the second largest city in Roman Gaul. It was founded circa 80 BC, before the Roman conquest of northern Gaul. It served as the capital of the tribe of the Remi. The Latin Durocortōrum comes from the Celtic "Durocorteron" ("round fortress").

At its height in Roman times the city had a population in the range of 30,000 – 50,000 or perhaps up to 100,000, and was an important node in the road system of Gallia Belgica. After the installation of the Magnus Maximus in Augusta Treverorum, Durocortorum was renamed Metropolis Civitas Remorum, and no longer served as capital of Gallia Belgica although it remained the capital of Belgica Secunda.

Modern location: Reims, France
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