Daulis — A settlement in Central Greece also known as Daulia - Daulion
This city in Phocis was variously called Daulis (Δαυλίς), Daulia (Δαυλία), and Daulion (Δαύλιον).

Mentioned by Homer, it was said to be named either in reference to the woody character of the area or after a nymph Daulis, a daughter of the river-god Cephissus.

During the Greco-Persian Wars, Daulis was destroyed for the first time in 480 BC. In 395 BC, the city was attacked by Thebes. In 346 BC, Daulis was destroyed again during the so-called Third Sacred War. In 220 BC, the city was attacked by the Aetolians.

In 198 BC, the Romans occupied Daulis by a stratagem.

Modern location: Davleia, Greece
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