Coin 2641 - an AR Denarius of C. Egnatius Maximus struck 75 BC in Rome
Obverse: Winged bust of Cupid right, with bow and quiver over shoulder; behind, MAXSVMVS downwards
Reverse: Distyle temple with figures of draped Jupiter and Libertas standing facing within; C EGNATIVS CN F below, CN N upwards to right, control numeral (VIII) to left
Coin Summary
This coin is an AR Denarius struck 75 BC in Rome

It weighs 3.96 grammes and measures 19 millimeters in diameter. The die axis is 2 H.

It is classified as Roman Republican (78-60 BC) and belongs to The Romulus Collection

There are no notes for this coin.
RSC Egnatia 3; Crawford 391/2; Sear 325