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    Undescribed property
    An AR Denarius struck 129 (126)BC in Rome
    Obverse: head of Roma right wearing winged helmet, flamen's cap left (XVI)

    Reverse: Dioscuri right riding on horses, stars over pilei, each holding spear and reins; Macedonian shield below T_Q ROMA

    Diameter: -
    Die Orientation: -
    Weight: 3.9 g
    Macedonian shield commemorates moneyer's ancestor T. Quinctius Flamininus who had founded town Venusia and became consul 198 BC. Victory over Macedonian king Philip V in the battle of Cynoscephalae 198 BC brought him the triumph and name Macedonicus. Before battle he promised sacrifices to Dioscuri in Delphi this is the reason for their depiction on reverse which is scarce in these times.
    Crawford 267/1; Sydenham 505, SRCV I 143, RSC I Quinctia 2