Shapur II - Shahanshah of Sasanian Empire from 309 AD to 379 AD
Shapur II was the tenth shah of the Sasanian Empire., and the longest-reigning monarch in Iranian history. He reigned for his entire 70-year life from 309 to 379.

His reign saw the military resurgence of the country, and the expansion of its territory, which marked the start of the first Sasanian golden era.

Shapur later died in 379, although he had a son named Shapur III, he was succeeded by his brother Ardashir II. By Shapur's death the Sasanian Empire was stronger than ever before.
Shapur II
King of Kings of Iran Shapur II of the Sasanian Empire

(1) Shapur II 309-379 CE
Obverse: Pahlavi legend (Crowned bust right)
Reverse: Fire altar flanked by attendants, bust right in flames
Ref: SNS III Type Ib1/3a; Göbl Type Ia/6...
(2) Shapur II 309-379 AD
Obverse: Crowned bust right of Shapur II
Reverse: Fire altar with two attendants; bust right within flames
Ref: Göbl 102