Coins from Baetica
Hispania Baetica was one of three Roman provinces in Hispania. Baetica was bordered to the west by Lusitania, and to the northeast by Hispania Tarraconensis.

Fortune smiled on rich Baetica, which was Baetica Felix, and a dynamic, upwardly-mobile social and economic middling stratum developed there, which absorbed freed slaves and far outnumbered the rich elite.

The Senatorial province of Baetica became so secure that no Roman legion was required to be permanently stationed there.


(1) Augustus 19-2 BC
Obverse: PER CAE AVG, Bare head of Augustus facing left
Reverse: COLO PATR, Patera, aspergillum, jug, and lituus (priestly implements)
Ref: RPC I 131
(2) Augustus 27 BC-14 AD
Obverse: PERM CAES AVG, Bare head of Augustus facing left
Reverse: IVLIA TRAD in two lines within oak wreath
Ref: RPC I 108
(3) Augustus 27 BC-14 AD
Obverse: PERM CAES AVG, Bare head of Augustus facing left
Reverse: IVLIA TRAD in two lines within oak wreath
Ref: None provided
(4) Augustus 18BC
Obverse: CAESARI AVGVSTO, laureate head left
Reverse: domed tetrastyle temple of Mars Ultor, in which stands triumphal currus right, containing legionary eagle and surmounted by four miniature galloping horses; SPQ[R] across field
Ref: RIC 120; BMC 386
(5) Augustus 18 BC
Obverse: CAESAR[I] AVGVSTO / laureate head right
Reverse: MAR VLT across field, Temple of Mars Ultor: round-domed, hexastyle temple with acroteria set on podium of three steps; within, aquila between two signa
Ref: RIC I 105a
(6) Carisa 1st century BC
Obverse: head of young Hercules left wearing lion's skin
Reverse: horseman galloping left holding spear and large shield; CARISSA
Ref: AB-446; Vill-6
(7) Castulo 2rd-1st Cent BC
AE unit Castulo
Obverse: Male head facing right, hand in right field
Reverse: Sphinx walking right, wearing helmet, star at right, KASTILO in Iberic script below
Ref: Burgos 543
(8) Castulo c. 200-175 BC
Obverse: Diademed head right
Reverse: Bull right, crescent above; KASTILO retrograde in southern hispanian script
Ref: CNH p. 331, 2-3; SNG BM Spain 1223-...
(9) Castulo c. 120-100 BC
Obverse: Diademed head right
Reverse: Boar right, star (comet)* above; KaŚTiLO
Ref: Villaronga p. 337, 50; SNG BM Spain...
(10) Germanicus 15 BC - 19 AD
Obverse: Bare head left; GERMANICVS CAESAR TI AVG F
Reverse: Aquila between two standards; MVNIC__ITALIC / PE_R / AV_G
Ref: RPC I 70; ACIP 3339
(11) Ilipense c. 150-100 BC
Obverse: Grain ear
Reverse: Fish right, crescent above; ILIPENSE / A
Ref: SNGCop 148; CNH p. 374, 2; SNG BM S...
(12) Malaka 200-1 BC
Obverse: Head of Vulcan left wearing pileus, tongs right all within wreath; mem lamed kap alep
Reverse: Radiate facing bust of Sol
Ref: ABH-1730; SNG Cop 41
(13) Obulco c. 170-130 BC
Obverse: Female head right; OBVLCO
Reverse: Legend, plough above, grain ear below URKaILTu / NESELTuKo
Ref: None provided
(14) Tiberius 14-37 AD
AE unit Italica
Obverse: TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS PONT MAX IMP, Bare head of Tiberius facing right
Reverse: MVNIC ITALIC PERM DIVI AVG, Altar inscribed PROVIDENTIAE AVGVSTI in three lines
Ref: RPC I 65