Taras - A settlement in Apulia also known as Tarentum - Taranto
Taras was an ancient city in Apulia, founded in 706 BC by Dorian Greek immigrants as the only Spartan colony.

The founders were Partheniae, sons of unmarried Spartan women, and Perioeci (free men, but not citizens of Sparta); these out-of-wedlock unions were permitted extraordinarily by the Spartans to increase the prospective number of soldiers during the bloody Messenian Wars, but later they were retroactively nullified, and the sons were then obliged to leave Greece forever.

Phalanthus, the Parthenian leader, went to Delphi to consult the oracle: the puzzling answer designated the harbour of Taranto as the new home of the exiles. Taranto increased its power, becoming a commercial power and a sovereign city of Magna Graecia, ruling over the Greek colonies in southern Italy.

Taras issued its own coins in the 5th and 4th centuries BC, featuring the symbol of the city, Taras being saved by a dolphin, with the reverse showing a hippocamp, a horse-fish amalgam which is depicted in mythology as the beast that drew Poseidon's chariot.

Modern location: Tarento, Italy

Obverse: diademed bust of Genius Populi Romani right, scepter across shoulder, G·P·R
Reverse: wreathed scepter, globe, rudder, EX S·C / CN·LEN·Q
Ref: Crawford 393/1a; SRCV I 323; Sydenh...
(2) Hannibal 212-209 BC
Obverse: Head of Tanit left
Reverse: Horse standing right
Ref: None provided
(3) Taras 280-272 BC
Obverse: Nude youth crowning himself on horse standing right; capitol of Ionic column below; IΩ / IAΛO
Reverse: Taras seated on dolphin left, holding akrostolion and spindle; ANϘ / TAPAΣ
Ref: HN Italy 1014, Vlasto 803 ff.; SNG ...
(4) Tarentum 281 - 272 BC
Obverse: Nude warrior on horseback left, carrying small round shield
Reverse: Taras seated on dolphin left, holding Nike in right hand; waves below.
Ref: Vlasto 684-686; SNG ANS 1060