Pharkadon - A settlement in Thessaly also known as Pharcadon
Pharcadon or Pharkadon was a city and polis (city-state) of Histiaeotis in ancient Thessaly, situated to the left of the Peneius, between Pelinnaeum and Atrax.

In 200 BCE, during the Second Macedonian War, Athamanian troops commanded by Amynander of Athamania and troops of the Aetolian League, allies of the Romans, established their camps around the city of Pharcadon while they plundered the Thessalian plain. They were attacked by troops of Philip V of Macedon, who put them to flight.

Modern location: Klokotos, Greece

(1) Pharkadon 480 - 400 BC
Obverse: Horse prancing right
Reverse: ΦΑΡ-ΚΑΔO, Athena standing right, holding spear and shield; all within incuse square.
Ref: BCD Thessaly I 1271 var. (ethnic), ...