Pantikapaion - A settlement in Taurica also known as Panticapaeum
Pantikapion was founded in the 7th century BC, by settlers from Miletus. It subdued nearby cities and by 480 BC became a capital of the Kingdom of Bosporus.

Later, during the rule of Mithradates VI Eupator, Panticapaeum for a short period of time became the capital of the much more powerful and extensive Kingdom of Pontus.

It was located at the intersection of trade routes between the steppe and Europe. This caused it to grow rapidly. The city's main exports were grain and salted fish, wine-making was also common.

In the 1st century AD Panticapaeum and the Kingdom of Bosporus suffered from Ostrogoth raids, then the city was devastated by the Huns in AD 375.

Modern location: Kerch

(1) Caligula | Aspurgus 37-38 AD
AE 12 Units Pantikapaion
Obverse: ΓAIOY KAIΣAΡOΣ ΓEΡMANIKOY, Bare head of Caligula facing right
Reverse: No inscription, Head of King Aspurgus facing right, wearing diadem; BAP monogram and IB in fields
Ref: RPC I 1904
(2) Pantikapaion 304-250 BC
Obverse: Head of beardless Pan left
Reverse: Strung bow and arrow; ΠAN
Ref: MacDonald 116; SNG BM Black Sea 901...
(3) Pantikapaion 300-200 BC
Obverse: Head of beardless Pan left, wreathed with ivy and grapes strung
Reverse: Bow and arrow; ΠAN (eight-rayed star countermark from undertype)
Ref: SNG Pushkin 956 (same undertype w/c...
(4) Pantikapaion c. 450-438/7 BC
Obverse: lion head facing
Reverse: incuse square, swastika pattern with stellate designs in two opposite quarters
Ref: Frolova, frühe, Type VIII; Anokhin ...
Obverse: Head of Pan or of a satyr left
Reverse: Bow above arrow right
Ref: None provided
(6) Pantikapaion 310-304/3 BC
Obverse: Wreathed and beardless head of Pan left
Reverse: ΠAN / Head of lion left, sturgeon below
Ref: MacDonald 70
(7) Pantikapaion 310 - 303 BC
Obverse: Head of bearded Pan right
Reverse: Π-A-N, forepart of griffin left, sturgeon left below
Ref: MacDonald 69
(8) Pantikapaion 310-304/3 BC
Obverse: Bearded head of satyr Pan right
Reverse: Forepart of griffin left; below, sturgeon left.
Ref: Sear 1700; MacDonald 69; Anokhin 1...