Nemausus - A settlement in Narbonensis also known as Nimes
Nemausus - modern Nîmes - was founded as a hill fortress in the 6th Century BC, before growing into a proper city with a city wall in the third and 2nd centuries BC.

It became a Roman colony sometime before 28 BC, as witnessed by the early city coins, which bear the abbreviation NEM. COL, "Colony of Nemausus". Augustus made the city the capital of Narbonne province, and gave it all its glory. It was also known as the birthplace of the family of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.

It had an estimated population of 60,000 during the time of Augustus.

Modern location: Nîmes, France

(1) Augustus | Agrippa 9-3 BC
Obverse: Head of Agrippa left, wearing rostral crown, and head of Augustus right, wearing oak wreath IMP / DIVI F
Reverse: Chained crocodile standing right; palm and filleted wreath behind COL_NEM
Ref: RIC I 158, RPC I 524, SNG Cop 699, ...
(2) Augustus | Agrippa 20-10 BC
Obverse: IMP DIVI F, Head of Agrippa facing left, wearing combined rostral crown and laurel wreath, bare head of Augustus facing right
Reverse: COL NEM, Crocodile chained to palm-shoot with tip right; above palm-tip left a wreath with long ties
Ref: RIC I (2nd Ed.) Augustus 155