Abydos (Egypt) - A settlement in Egypt
Abydos is one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, and also of the eighth nome in Upper Egypt, of which it was the capital city.

The sacred city of Abydos was the site of many ancient temples, including Umm el-Qa'ab, a royal necropolis where early pharaohs were entombed.

The latest building was a new temple of Nectanebo I, built in the thirtieth dynasty. From the Ptolemaic times of the Greek occupancy of Egypt, that began three hundred years before the Roman occupancy that followed, the structure began to decay and no later works are known.

Modern location: El-Balyana, Egypt

(1) Alexander III 325-323 BC
Obverse: Head of Alexander as Herakles facing right, wearing lionskin headdress tied at neck
Reverse: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, Zeus Aëtophoros seated on throne, facing left, eagle in right hand, scepter in left, legs uncrossed; AP monogram in left field
Ref: Price 3424 (Byblos)