The Trite denomination
A Trite - or third-stater - was a coin denomination in ancient Lydia, typically struck in electrum.

It was the most common Lydian denomination of its time, and may have been worth about a month's subsistence.

The punch usually consists of two squares that are joined or separate, whereas the punch on smaller denominations consists of a single square.
An EL Trite struck 600-560 BC in Sardis
Obverse: Head of roaring lion facing right, sun directly above, another orb (star?) in the ear, and a third in the mouth

Reverse: Two incuse punches

Diameter: 14 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 4.68 g
Lydian Kingdom

10 punches, these are believed to have been to prove ownership when paying taxes, as this was a large sum of money, and the most common denomination, as compared to the thought that they were bankers marks to test that it isn't a plated fake

While the sun is clearly the sun, it used to be called a wart, however it seems no one mentions the other two orbs. I know nothing about astronomy but I think there's a high chance this is referencing some astronomical event.
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