The Tetras denomination
The Tetras was a bronze denomination within the Sicilian Greek system corresponding to 4 onkia - or one third of a Litra.

The tetras was denoted by four pellets on the reverse.
(1) Agyrion
An AE Tetras struck 339/338-317 BC in Agyrion
Obverse: crude head of Ares or Athena right wearing crested Attic helmet

Reverse: club; AΓYPI / NAIΩN

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: -
No notes for this coin
Campana 11; CNS III, 20 OS; SNG ANS -; HGC 2, 54
(2) Akragas
An AE Tetras struck 425-406 BC in Akragas
Obverse: eagle right, tearing at hare AKP_A

Reverse: Crab, crayfish left below •••

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 9.21 g
No notes for this coin
SNG COP. 75 var. SNG München 132
(3) Solus
An AE Tetras struck c. 400-300 BC in Solus
Obverse: head of Athena half left wearing Corinthian helmet

Reverse: warrior right, kneeling drawing arrow bow kjRA

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 2.3 g
No notes for this coin
cf. Calciati I pg. 310, 5 (same); SNG ANS 743.