The Hexassarion denomination
The hexassarion was a bronze denomination worth 6 asses - assarion in Greek.

It was commonly struck by Roman Provincial mints, and was not struck to a standard weight but rather to some local standard. It was simply a coin worth 6 of the local basic coin denomination.

(1) Decius 249-251 AD
Obverse: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; AY ΚE Γ ΜEC ΔΚOY ΔEΚΙ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟС CE / Π__Π
Reverse: Dionysos standing left, holding grapes and thyrsus, panther left head turned back; TAPCOV M_H_TPOΠOΛEΩ_C // A / M / K __ Γ / B
Ref: Cop 402; RPC online Volume IX, № 13...